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Latest On Eagle Project

We have been busy! We finally got back to work on this project. Wings are covered and in primer. Ailerons and tail feathers are also covered and in primer. We are working diligently towards a wild paint scheme that will be the envy of every Eagle Jockey in the business!

The Eagle pictured as our Banner Photo was the Eagle that made Benny famous. It was one of the sleekest things out there. That said, it was an IO360. THIS Eagle is an IO540. It is loaded down with weight saving and performance innovations, features that will make this Eagle the one to have. An Eagle that could only come from the imagination and dreams of the man himself; Benny Davis! Will it be pricey? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes, in every way! Imagine an airplane with a ratio of 3.3 ( 1 HP for every 3 1/3rd Lbs) Compare to Stock Eagle with a Horsepower to weight ratio of 5.25.

Just picture this Eagle, soaring through an aerobatic routine with the crowds below mesmerized by the beauty of this bird, as she easily navigates the twists and turns in a blaze of brilliant fiery colors! Picture her with a paint job unlike any other; her signature, signaling to everyone you are here to win!


top wing

lower wing 1

The Aluminum plates were put on a diet. The chromoly parts were substituted with Titanium and the flying wire terminals are all stainless!

These tail feathers are similar to the Pitts S2C and were custom built to compliment the wing structure in function and style.

When is the last time you saw a Titanium pushrod in a wing? Probably never, and  yet these custom made pushrods are just one example of the upgrades in these wings that make them lighter than the usual stock versions!