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"By using the Delmar Benjamin Cowl that Benny Davis produced, I was able to cut nearly 20 lbs off the nose of my Eagle.  With this cowl, it is necessary to relocate the oil cooler, which is mounted directly onto a stock cowl. However this makes for easier servicing, as you can then expose the engine without having to unmount the oil cooler.  My Eagle is now lighter, more streamlined, has improved airflow over the cooling fins, airflow into the oil cooler and air intake, and has improved climb performance, serviceability and looks.  I get compliments from everyone that sees the plane, including Sean D. Tucker! Happy does not begin to describe how I feel about the purchase I made from Benny Davis! Worth every penny!" ~ Layne Lisser ~ Competitive Pilot


Made from three layers of Carbon Fiber

delmar benjamin full cowl

Delmar Benjamin Style Cowling

This style of cowling allows for the larger six cylinder Lycoming and is built on the 540 length mold so you can trim it to fit your aircraft. This is a two piece cowling with aerodynamic reinforcements in behind the air intake. 

Price: $2400.00

Traditional Christen Eagle Cowling Top/Bottom

These two pieces are the traditional style cowling and come with the reinforcements needed for installation. Lightweight and durable it is molded on the 540 length allowing Eagle owners to trim to fit their aircraft.Untrimmed bottom only pictured. (Prices do not include the various vents.)

Price: $3000.00

Traditional Cowling Cheeks 

This is a two piece set, left and right cheeks though only one is pictured and these are used with the traditional style cowling and can be ordered and shipped with it. We sell these separately because many owners prefer to use their existing aluminum cheeks with their Carbon Fiber top and bottom cowling.


Price: $400.00